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Educational Services

Our educational services include individualized instruction based on the child’s needs and abilities, small group instruction, social skills training, behavioral intervention, speech and language therapy, and academic tutoring.

We conduct assessments to identify your child’s strengths and areas of need, and develop individualized education plans (IEPs) that outline specific goals and objectives for your child. We also provide ongoing progress monitoring to ensure that your child is making meaningful progress.

Yes, we offer a range of communication services, including alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) systems, speech and language therapy, and social skills training to help children with autism who have difficulty with communication.

We believe in a collaborative approach that involves parents every step of the way. We regularly communicate with parents to share progress updates and seek feedback, and we provide resources and support to help parents continue the learning at home. We also encourage parents to participate in our therapy sessions and educational activities.

Therapy Assessment Plans

A therapy assessment plan is designed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of an individual with autism in areas such as speech and language, occupational skills, mobility, and behavior. It helps therapists develop an individualized therapy plan that addresses the unique needs of the individual, and tracks progress over time.

Therapy assessments are conducted by licensed and certified professionals who specialize in the specific type of therapy being assessed. For example, speech and language assessments are conducted by speech-language pathologists, while occupational therapy assessments are conducted by occupational therapists.

The length of a therapy assessment plan can vary depending on the type of assessment being conducted and the individual’s needs. In general, assessments can range from one hour to several hours, and may be conducted over the course of several sessions.

After a therapy assessment plan is completed, you can expect to receive a detailed report that outlines the individual’s strengths and areas of need, as well as recommendations for therapy interventions. A therapist will work with you to develop a therapy plan that addresses the individual’s unique needs and tracks progress over time.

Therapy Services

We offer a range of therapy services including speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and behavioral therapy. Each child’s therapy plan is tailored to their individual needs, and our team works collaboratively to ensure that the child receives the best care possible.

The frequency of therapy services varies based on the individual needs of each child. Some children may require daily therapy sessions, while others may only need weekly or bi-weekly sessions. Our team of therapists works closely with families to create a therapy plan that meets the child’s specific needs and goals

All of our therapists are licensed and certified in their respective fields, and many of them have additional training and experience working with children on the autism spectrum. We also provide ongoing training and professional development opportunities to ensure that our therapists stay up-to-date on the latest research and best practices for working with children with autism.

We use a variety of assessment tools to track progress and evaluate the effectiveness of our therapy services. We also regularly communicate with families and other healthcare providers involved in the child’s care to ensure that therapy plans are adjusted as needed. Our goal is to provide the most effective and individualized therapy services possible to help each child reach their full potential.





Our center offers a variety of facilities to support individuals with autism, including therapy rooms, sensory rooms, indoor play areas, a mini hall, a library, and edutainment systems.


Yes, we have made sure that all our facilities are accessible to individuals with physical disabilities. We have ramps, elevators, and other necessary equipment to ensure that everyone can access our facilities.

Yes, we have a comfortable waiting area for parents and caregivers to wait while their child is receiving therapy or attending classes. Our waiting area has comfortable seating, reading materials, and free Wi-Fi.

While we do not have medical facilities on-site, we have a qualified nurse on staff who can administer medication and provide basic medical care if needed. We also have a network of medical professionals who we can refer you to if your child requires specialized medical care.


We offer a range of activities tailored to the needs and interests of each child, including sensory play, arts and crafts, music therapy, outdoor play, and social skills groups.

Our experienced therapists and teachers work closely with each child and their family to develop an individualized plan that takes into account their unique strengths, challenges, and goals. We regularly evaluate and adjust our activities to ensure they are meeting each child’s needs.

Yes, we have licensed therapists on staff who provide a range of therapy-specific activities, including speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and sensory integration therapy. These activities are incorporated into each child’s individualized plan.

Yes, we encourage parents and caregivers to participate in our activities to support their child’s progress and development. We also offer parent training and support groups to provide additional resources and guidance.

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