Leonard Autism & Rehabilitation Centre provides support to school the students on the autism spectrum through Specialised International Homeschooling Support Services.

This service includes:


General Consultancy: Assessment of current needs

Experienced (Autism Spectrum Disorder)ASD staffs with expertise in the autism spectrum provide advice and strategies in collaboration with schools to determine developmental priorities. Recommendations are then made to support individuals on the autism spectrum within the educational setting.


Intensive Consultancy and individual support

Skilled ASD staffs implement specific skill building programs recommended by the ASD staffs to address the immediate priorities for students on the spectrum.

Below are some examples of individualised programs for students on the spectrum addressing developmental priority areas:

  • Sensory concerns
  • Coping Behaviours
  • Self-Regulation of emotions
  • Anxiety
  • Using visual schedules
  • Organisation
  • Coping with change
  • Taking care of myself
  • Social success